A COLLABORATION with robert e. lamb

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Tresco is delighted to share our collaboration with Robert E. Lamb to establish a cutting-edge showroom environment within their state of the art head office in Norristown, PA.

As one of the world’s largest architecture firms specializing in control room design, Robert E. Lamb, Inc. holds a prominent position, actively contributing to major utility projects across Canada and the United States.

Their extensive involvement with various control room console vendors, designers and manufacturers, including Tresco, ensures a broad perspective, drawing on their wealth of experience and history.

We have collaborated with Robert E. Lamb on several successful projects for almost two decades, starting from our very first joint project in 2005 when we developed a set of custom-designed consoles for Commonwealth Edison Co. to renew one of their existing simulation control rooms.

Tresco exhibits its commitment to innovation by featuring advanced control consoles that help clients envision the future of their control rooms. These consoles are designed with a focus on quality, robust build, and seamless integration with operational process monitoring and safety systems. Additionally, they include state-of-the-art creature comforts to keep operators focused, alert, and performing at their peak.

  1. Control all your console features from a single spot with Tresco’s Personal environment unit system.
  2. Customize your workspace temperature with the integrated Kick Space Heater.
  3. Adapt your working stance seamlessly with Tresco’s Sit-Stand Functionalities
  4. Experience ergonomic excellence through an ISO 11064-focused design
  5. Stay connected and powered up with conveniently placed power outlets.
  1. Multitask seamlessly with multiple monitor arrays.
  2. Alleviate neck strain with adjustable monitor arms.
  3. Illuminate your workspace with multi-directional Task Lighting.
  4. Infuse personality into your workstation with LED Light Accents.
  5. Tailor your setup with a customizable back wall.
  6. Safely store critical documents or personal belongings with our custom-made fixed and freestanding millwork solutions.
  1. Convey emergencies instantly using status indicator lights and signal towers.
  2. React promptly with responsive push-button control panels.
  1. Illuminate critical equipment with LED Interior Bay Lighting.
  2. Execute maintenance with ease using sliding equipment trays.
  3. Maintain optimal equipment performance with ventilation fans.
  4. Streamline organization with innovative cable management systems.
  1. In our ergonomically optimized conference room, engage in detailed debriefings and collaborative sessions. This space is designed for seamless communication and comfort, ensuring productive discussions and effortless idea flow. It’s an ideal environment to foster ideas, collaborate, and strategize effectively.



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