Wastewater Treatment

Empowering Water Management Professionals

Tresco’s cutting-edge control room consoles are meticulously crafted to equip water management professionals with the essential tools they need to ensure the smooth operation of their treatment plants. Boosting real-time monitoring and control capabilities through multiple monitor arrays, our console enables operators to precisely manage flow rates, chemical dosing, and pH levels, guaranteeing optimal performance. Signaling columns allow operators to communicate emergency situations instantly for any deviations from set parameters, allowing for swift corrective action and ensuring the plant runs smoothly, boosting the situational awareness of the team.

Our control consoles seamlessly integrate with SCADA systems, offering a comprehensive overview of plant operations. With robust data logging and reporting features, operators can easily track and analyze plant performance, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and facilitating continuous improvement. The ergonomic design of our console prioritizes operator comfort by following the principles outlined in the ISO 11064 standard, enabling them to work efficiently during extended shifts, ultimately enhancing productivity and job satisfaction.

In addition to its technical capabilities, our control room console is designed with the user in mind, offering a sleek and intuitive interface with simple and organized storage solutions for critical documents essential to the operational workflow. Fully customizable, designed and robustly built for your specific operational process, Tresco’s consoles give you the flexibility to cater to the the need of both your operator and operational process, ensuring a personalized and efficient workflow. Overall, our control room consoles are powerful tools that empower water management professionals to navigate the complexities of their operations with confidence.

The control room presented a unique challenge due to its compact dimensions, which made a standard console layout impractical. Our team rose to the occasion, customizing the width and depth of the consoles to precisely accommodate the client’s specific monitor and equipment requirements. Furthermore, we incorporated a sit-stand system into the design, offering operators the flexibility to adjust their working position throughout the day. This not only promotes better posture and reduces the risk of fatigue but also enhances overall comfort and productivity.

Mid Western Control Room

In designing the control room for this facility, our team prioritized creating a collaborative environment that fosters effective teamwork among operators. To achieve this, we implemented a shared workspace concept that allows operators to work together seamlessly without obstructing the view of the video wall. This approach not only promotes communication and collaboration but also ensures that critical information displayed on the video wall is easily visible to all operators.

Tresco Wastewater Control Room

At Tresco, we understand the high stakes involved in every operator’s decision. That’s why we specialize in crafting advanced control room consoles that are custom-made for mission-critical environments.

Our major advantage is the ability to personalize each component of your console to meet your operational requirements. Consoles are manufactured from the ground up in our Calgary, Alberta factory. This gives us complete control over every aspect of the console’s production. By constantly monitoring our manufacturing materials and processes we ensure the highest quality possible.

Wastewater treatment control console, with sit-stand functionality.

Built to last

Tresco’s control room consoles have robust modular frame structures built for a lifetime of 24/7 use and can be modified and retrofitted with minimal disruption, ensuring your console can evolve alongside your operational needs.

Maximize space

Multifunctional backwalls can be reconfigured as needed and include support for monitor arms to free up work surfaces.

Easy integration

Configurable accessories can be integrated with hundreds of different products to support your network operations center team.

Built in Ergonomics

Tresco’s control room consoles are meticulously designed in compliance with ISO 11064 ergonomic standards, ensuring each console offers optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

Tresco’s built-to-order solutions are designed specifically to support your needs. Some of our clients include:




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