We assure a true user-centered design for mission-critical operations. We don’t just create consoles; we craft holistic solutions that prioritize every user interaction, marrying operator needs with process demands.

Benefit from our tailored services, offering the highest levels of customization, backed by a team steeped in industry expertise. We commit to Honesty, Integrity, Innovation, Service, and Excellence, ensuring your requirements aren’t just met — they’re exceeded. 

With special emphasis on safety-conscious manufacturing, environmental stewardship, and innovative design solutions, we’ve built a strong reputation for:


Products and solutions that are built to last for decades in high use, 24/7 spaces.


Teams experienced with mission-critical environments and unparalleled service.


Quality materials and elegant design features

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Understanding your needs

A dedicated sales partner works with you to understand your needs and designs a solution that is right for you. We focus our designs to match the industry’s best practices, such as: ISO 11064, ANSI/HFES 100, ADAEIA, and more. Proposed solutions vary depending on the project and client, but we’ll work with you to make any updates or changes before beginning the project.

Progress you can see

The project manager creates and handles the schedule for the next phases: engineering, production, and purchasing. Our transparent process means that you’ll see shop drawings as well as progress reports throughout the project.

Quality control for your extra piece of mind

Tresco assembles and stages everything on our facility floor. Our meticulous quality assurance reviews ensures that everything is just right. It also provides an opportunity for you to see the final product in-person before it’s delivered.

Convenient on-site assembly

Once everything arrives at your facility, we’ll unpack and assemble the consoles on-site. That includes making sure we follow any restrictions or measures you have in place, including security checks and PPE requirements.


Tresco is made up of a talented team of experts who are always ready to provide the best possible solutions


President, B.Sc


Design Manager, CET


Production Manager


Project Manager

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Tresco is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management standard.


We’ve been manufacturing high-end office furniture since 1968 and control-room furniture since 1984. Our solutions were made from millwork until moving to modular steel-frame consoles in 1990. Over 35 years later, we have installed thousand of consoles in control rooms worldwide.

  1. Tresco Consoles begins as a high-end office furniture millwork provider.

  2. Tresco designs and manufactures its first control room console as a millwork project.

  3. Tresco starts research and development into modular steel frame construction, metal fabrication, software development, and system integration.

  4. Our 2400 series console launches. In 1997, it’s re-engineered as a fully adjustable console to accommodate multiple shift operators of various heights.

  5. Launch of the 3600 series for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority control centre.

  6. Tresco completes its first air traffic control towers and TRACON site for the FAA.

  7. Development of TEST© (Tresco Edge Sensing Technology), an optional safety bumper system used on adjustable and full sit/stand consoles.

  8. Tresco begins manufacturing frames from a single steel punch.

  9. An updated and expanded line of accessories launches.

  10. Tresco launches the 6000 series console.