Solutions for better awareness and collaboration

Engineered to improve situational awareness with multiple monitors and customizable layouts, our consoles enable operators to keep a close eye on various aspects of the transportation network without straining their necks or eyes. This setup allows them to monitor real-time data, such as traffic flow, weather conditions, and security alerts, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly.

Tresco’s consoles are designed from the ground up to facilitate seamless collaboration. Integrated technology, including communication equipment and shared display capabilities, allows operators to communicate and share information effectively. This real-time collaboration fosters a cohesive and coordinated response to incidents or emergencies, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the transportation network.

By providing a comprehensive view of the transportation network and enabling effective communication, Tresco’s consoles empower operators to manage transportation systems with precision and efficiency.

Tresco Series 2400 Large Transit Contol Room
American Bus and Rail
Tresco Series 3600 Medium Transit Control Room
Rail Transit
Tresco Series 3600 Small Transit Control Room
American Transit Room

At Tresco, we understand the high stakes involved in every operator’s decision. That’s why we specialize in crafting advanced control room consoles that are custom-made for mission-critical environments.

Our major advantage is the ability to personalize each component of your console to meet your operational requirements. Consoles are manufactured from the ground up in our Calgary, Alberta factory. This gives us complete control over every aspect of the console’s production. By constantly monitoring our manufacturing materials and processes we ensure the highest quality possible.

Built to last

Tresco’s control room consoles have robust modular frame structures built for a lifetime of 24/7 use and can be modified and retrofitted with minimal disruption, ensuring your console can evolve alongside your operational needs.

Maximize space

Multifunctional backwalls can be reconfigured as needed and include support for monitor arms to free up work surfaces.

Easy integration

Configurable accessories can be integrated with hundreds of different products to support your network operations center team.

Built in Ergonomics

Tresco’s control room consoles are meticulously designed in compliance with ISO 11064 ergonomic standards, ensuring each console offers optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

Tresco’s built-to-order solutions are designed specifically to support your needs. Some of our clients include:



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