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Control room consoles designed specifically for power generation, transmission, and distribution environments are essential for ensuring these complex systems’ smooth and efficient operation. These consoles are equipped with a range of critical features that cater to the unique needs of control room operators managing and monitoring DERs (Distributed Energy Resources).

One of the most critical features of Tresco’s consoles is their ergonomically conscious design following the principles of ISO 11064. Control room operators often spend long hours monitoring and managing power generation and distribution processes. An ergonomically designed console will reduce operator fatigue and discomfort, allowing them to stay focused and alert throughout their shift.

Our consoles provide an interface for Integrated control systems, designed to work seamlessly with your facility’s DERMS (distributed energy resources management system), allowing operators to monitor and control critical equipment and optimize processes directly from the console. This integration ensures that operators have access to real-time data and can respond quickly to any issues that arise.

With a wide array of features such as available large display screens, push-button controls, alarm monitoring systems, sit-stand functionality, mobile storage solutions, single or multiple work surfaces, and more. Tresco’s consoles are the go-to solution for mission-critical operations looking for custom console solutions, tailor-made for the perfect fit with your operational needs.

Toronto Hydro

Tresco Toronto Hydro Standing Desk Rear View

Toronto Hydro #2

This image provides a unique perspective, showcasing the reverse side of the console featured in the previous image. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at the intricate componentry that powers the operations of the control room. This perspective reveals the meticulous design and engineering that went into creating a console capable of supporting the complex systems and processes involved in this power generation control room. It highlights the attention to detail and commitment to excellence that defines our approach to crafting control room consoles

Tresco TVA Control Room

TVA control room

control room console for electric utilities

Built to last

Tresco’s control room consoles have robust modular frame structures built for a lifetime of 24/7 use and can be modified and retrofitted with minimal disruption, ensuring your console can evolve alongside your operational needs.

Maximize space

Multifunctional backwalls can be reconfigured as needed and include support for monitor arms to free up work surfaces.

Easy integration

Configurable accessories can be integrated with hundreds of different products to support your network operations center team.

Built in Ergonomics

Tresco’s control room consoles are meticulously designed in compliance with ISO 11064 ergonomic standards, ensuring each console offers optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

Tresco’s built-to-order solutions are designed specifically to support your needs. Some of our clients include:



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