Custom made control consoles that keep your team focused and alert

Craftsmanship, ergonomics, and attention to detail go into every control room console. We understand that precision and quality are crucial in the complex situations you deal with during every shift. Tresco solutions are functional, comfortable, increase efficiency, and help your team remain focused and alert.

With available high-resolution multiple monitors and displays you can take your situational awareness and continuous monitoring process to the next level. Respond to emergencies in an instant with push button controls. Manage critical infrastructure and assets from a single spot with our state of the art control consoles.

Collaborate with our certified and seasoned control room professionals to tailor your control room console from the ground up to cater to the critical requirements of Oil and Gas control room operations.

Tresco Oil and Gas Series 3600 Workstations

Canadian Pipeline Install

Tresco played a pivotal role in supporting a prominent Western Canadian Oil and Gas company by supplying height-adjustable consoles for their facility. This tailored solution was a response to the unique needs of the company, which required a flexible and ergonomic setup to accommodate their operators and ensure optimal performance. The height-adjustable consoles provided by Tresco not only allowed for seamless customization based on individual operator preferences but also promoted better posture and reduced fatigue during long shifts. This innovative approach not only addressed the immediate needs of the company but also positioned them for future growth and success.

Tresco Oil and Gas Series 3600 Operations Centre

American Refinery

This Control Room was anticipated to be a bustling hub of activity, catering to a high volume of monitoring tasks and operators to manage them. Considering this, Tresco stepped in to ensure that the space was not only functional but also optimized for the specific needs of its clientele while still allowing for an optimized workflow in a collaborative environment. Our ergonomic control furniture included adjustable monitor stands with multiple displays and comfortable 24-7 ready seating solutions, to accommodate the wide range of needs of every operator.

Tresco Oil and Gas Series 3600 Control Room

Eastern Canada Install

In response to the specific needs of this particular control room, Tresco offered a tailored solution. The control room in question lacked the capacity to support a full video wall, a common setup in modern control rooms. Recognizing this limitation, Tresco provided a customized solution by offering monitor stands equipped with built-in cabinets. This innovative approach not only addressed the space constraints but also optimized the available resources incorporating storage cabinets. By partnering with Tresco, the company was able to overcome the challenge of limited space and ensure a seamless and effective control room operation.

Oil & gas control console with multiple monitors, task lighting, and millwork storage solutions


Control room consoles have resilient modular frame structures, built for a lifetime of 24/7 use, and can be modified and retrofitted with minimal disruption.

Maximize space

Multifunctional backwall can be reconfigured as needed and include support for monitor arms to free up work surfaces.

Stay focused

Overhead alarm systems can alert control room operators of problems. White noise can also be integrated to keep operators from being distracted.

Easy integration

Configurable accessories can be integrated with hundreds of different products to support your operations center.

Emergency shutoff

Tresco can manufacture panels that provide the option of incorporating pushbuttons, switches, and other devices wired to junction boxes for simple integration.

Built in Ergonomics

Tresco’s control room consoles are meticulously designed in compliance with ISO 11064 ergonomic standards, ensuring each console offers optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

Tresco’s build-to-order solutions are designed specifically to support your needs. Some of our clients include:



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