Products to support your operators and maximize productivity

Personal Environment Unit with feature hotspots
Task Lighting
Lifting Column
A/C Supplied Air Box
Radiant Heat Panel
PEU Control Panel
Fan Louvers

Personal Environment Unit

Our personal environments provide your operators with the best ergonomic support. These compact systems include white noise generators, hot and cool air, kick plate heaters, and sit-stand functionality.

Components and equipment configured to your engineer and architect’s specifications

Functional Accessories 01

Power & cable management

From power and data management to convenience outlets and grounding, we’ll make sure your electrical requirements are seamlessly integrated.

Functional Accessories 02

Equipment Storage

Before every project begins, Tresco makes sure we know the exact equipment you need and our design team makes sure there is a home for every piece in your console.

Functional Accessories 03

Push Button Control Panels

Ensuring your operation runs as smoothly as possible is important to us. We can work with you to provide a panel your team needs, whether you need it fully wired or blank for your I&C team.

Functional Accessories 04

Monitor Arms

Ensuring you have full visibility on your operations is important. Laying out your monitors as ergonomically as possible is critical Monitor arms help make sure you have full control of your set up.

Functional Accessories 05

Air Vent Louvers

In addition to providing mission critical equipment, Tresco also provides features that address operator comfort. This air vent louver allows an operator to work comfortably adjusting airflow to his or her needs.



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