When it comes to control rooms, there’s no such thing as one size fits all. We’ll work with your team at the outset to make sure the design optimizes the layout of your control room and your operators’ needs.

1200 SERIES | Tresco Consoles

Series 1200

Built with a sleek design, the 1200 Series console has sit stand functionality and many other features to improve comfort and functionality

2400 SERIES | Tresco Consoles

Series 2400

With modern craftsmanship the 2400 series is designed to fit any control room. Its modular design allows the console to adapt features and equipment that meet your needs.

3600 | Tresco Consoles

Series 3600

The 3600 series is designed for most any control room. Its frame design allows for unique shapes while still incorporating all the required features to make your room operate seamlessly

6000 SERIES 1 | Tresco Consoles

Series 6000

Built for maximum control the 6000 series provides operators with a unique ability to independently control each level of monitors as well as an overhead task light.

Benefits 01 | Tresco Consoles


No matter the size, shape, or purpose of your control room, our consoles are tailored and configured to provide streamlined functionality.

Benefits 03 | Tresco Consoles


Tresco consoles are built to last. We use heavy-duty, precision-cut 12-gauge steel frames, so even after 10 years, your console functions like it did on day one.

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“I am completely satisfied with my experience with Tresco and I would highly recommend them. From the design to the installation, the friendly and professional staff made the whole process so easy and the products are high quality and well made”

Craig Graham, Chief Operating Engineer, Markham District Energy



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