Tresco’s consoles raise the bar in innovative design
With Tresco’s consoles the possibilities are endless.  Our designers tailor each console to your needs by customizing innovative solutions.  Tresco has been an industry leader in console design and manufacturing for over 25 years.
Let our expertise empower your project from the ground up.  Follow the process below to Build Your Console.


Tresco designers begin their process by interpreting your operator’s needs in their primary, secondary, and tertiary line of sight.  From here, Tresco designers analyze their findings and develop a custom screen system to accommodate seamless visual intake while providing maximum comfort for your operators.



Once sightlines are assessed, the configuration design process begins.  Our ergonomic experts develop a console configuration tailored to the needs of your operators.
What do your operators require?

  • Effective communication with multiple operators
  • Private communication with few operators
  • Isolation

Whatever your needs, Tresco’s design team will produce tailored configurations that perfectly suit your project.




Tresco’s cutting edge millwork is an integral step in the process. We focus on designing millwork that supports your operators, giving them access to the information that they need.  Our millwork assists operator function, ultimately reducing stress while increasing efficiency in the control room.


After determining your console and millwork design, Tresco will assist you in providing ergonomic support for your team.  Tresco’s standard console design takes ergonomics into account, however, additional features can be incorporated into your console to better accommodate your operators.  Adjustable work surfaces are the most widely recognized ergonomic feature on a console.
Adjustable work surfaces benefit your operators by:

  • Accommodating sitting and standing positions for all body types
  • Reducing stress
  • Providing operator comfort
  • Increasing productivity


The next level of ergonomic optimization is a personal environment unit for your operators.  Tresco pays attention to every detail, creating individual and multidimensional environments for your operators to increase output while maximizing efficiency.
Tresco’s personal environments include:

  • White noise generators
  • Hot and cool air
  • Task lighting
  • Kick-plate heaters
  • Sit-stand control