The Evolution of Control Room Design

How Ergonomic Workstations Boost Mission-Critical Operations 

Explore the evolving landscape of control room design, where the fusion of ergonomic innovation and technical furniture is reshaping the heart of mission-critical operations. The modern control room goes beyond utilitarian needs, embracing the latest trends that prioritize operator comfort, reduce fatigue, and enhance overall workplace well-being.  

This new wave of design philosophy doesn’t just focus on the individual comfort of operators; it extends to the collective workflow, ensuring that each piece of furniture contributes to a more harmonious and efficient operational tempo. From adjustable monitor arms that reduce neck strain to sit-stand desks catering to the dynamic needs of the workforce, these innovations are pivotal in fostering an environment where productivity and high performance are the norms.

  1. The Centrality of Operator Workstations in Mission-Critical Environments:
  2. The Rise of Technical Furniture and Custom Solutions:
  3. Operator Workstations: Balancing Function and Comfort:
  4. The Strategic Role of Monitor Mounts and Sit-Stand Workstations
  5. The Impact of Ergonomic Chairs on Operator Efficiency:
  6. Enhancing Productivity Through Comfort with Heat radiant panels:
  7. Superior control rooms for exceptional operators

The Centrality of Operator Workstations in Mission-Critical Environments:

The hub of any mission-critical environment is undoubtedly the control workstations. It’s where decisions are made, actions are taken, and operations are monitored. A well-designed workstation is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a design that enhances alertness and promotes efficient workflow.

Adhering to control room design standards, these desks are crafted to reduce clutter, streamline operations, and enable easy access to essential controls. Through Tresco’s user-centered design approach, our consoles take into account critical elements from industry standards like ISO 11064 on the ergonomic design of control centers or  ANSI/HFES 100 on Human factors engineering of computer workstations and put them to your operator’s advantage.

ergonomic workstation

The Rise of Technical Furniture and Custom Solutions:

As no two control rooms are the same, technical furniture must be adapted to meet each room’s unique demands. Custom solutions are now the norm, offering the ability to design furniture that fits the exact specifications of your control room’s layout. These pieces not only support the complex array of monitors and equipment but also integrate seamlessly with the room’s architecture, enhancing overall control room furniture design.

Operator Workstations: Balancing Function and Comfort:

Operator workstations have evolved from mere desks to sophisticated, user-centric ecosystems. Tresco’s modern designs incorporate functional aesthetics with ergonomic solutions, creating an environment that fosters productivity. Every element, from the height of the monitor to the depth of the desk, is designed with the operator’s physical and cognitive needs in mind.

Here we can see one of Tresco’s custom-designed consoles in action, this specific control room incorporated a wide range of optimizations to improve the operator’s workspace and ensure a seamless experience while managing mission-critical operations like the one run by Toronto Hydro.

Some of the key implementations in this control room were:

  1. Sit-stand consoles to reduce operator fatigue by changing the work setting throughout the day.
  2. Curved console aimed at the operator to adjust for optimal equipment and control interface positioning.
  3. Separate angled panel for keyboard and mouse to accommodate for the changes in ergonomics the sit-stand worksurface brings.
  4. Multiple monitor arrays angled towards the operator.
  5. Storage cabinets for easy access to critical tools and documentation.
  6. Dimmable task light to improve visibility over printed documents
  7. Kick space heater for optimal operator temperature comfort.
  8. Multiple console arrays to foster collaboration in the work environment.
Tresco control room console with sit-stand functionality

Tresco control room console with sit-stand functionality

Toronto Hydro control room with Tresco's control room consoles

The Strategic Role of Monitor Mounts and Sit-Stand Workstations:

The dynamic nature of control room operations calls for equally dynamic furniture solutions. Monitor mounts that provide optimal viewing angles and sit-stand workstations that allow operators to change their posture throughout the shift are pivotal in today’s control rooms. These ergonomic solutions have been shown to reduce fatigue, improve concentration, and ultimately enhance the overall effectiveness of the workforce.

The Impact of Ergonomic Chairs

Ergonomic chairs are more than just a comfortable seat—they are necessary in environments where operators spend long hours at their stations. The benefits of ergonomic chairs are far-reaching, improving posture, increasing blood flow, and reducing the risk of musculoskeletal disorders. An investment in high-quality ergonomic chairs is an investment in your team’s health and your operation’s efficiency.

Enhancing Productivity Through Comfort with Heat radiant panels:

Tresco is revolutionizing operator comfort and productivity in control rooms with the introduction of heat radiant panels. These innovative panels ensure a consistent, gentle warmth, eliminating the discomfort of uneven temperature fluctuations. By maintaining a more stable and personalized thermal environment, operators can remain focused and comfortable, reducing the need for bulky clothing that might impede their mobility. The subtle, yet effective heating reduces distractions, allowing for prolonged periods of high concentration and productivity. This user-centric approach to temperature control is just another way Tresco is heating up the industry standards for control room design.

Tresco Oil & Gas Series 3600 Control Room

Superior control rooms for exceptional operators

Control room design has come a long way from the sterile, utilitarian spaces of the past. Today’s control rooms are hubs of efficiency, designed with the operator’s well-being in mind. By embracing the latest in ergonomic design and sustainable materials, we can create environments that not only look good but also promote health, well-being, and productivity.

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