Tresco provides innovative product solutions for every project.  Our industry-leading design, and cutting edge technology integrates high-quality materials with expert craftsmanship.


Choosing the right console system that effectively supports your operators is critical. Tresco has been at the cutting edge of console design for over 25 years.  All of Tresco’s consoles are custom built in-house with your needs in mind - Trust us to provide the solution which is right for you.


Tresco supplies a variety of visual display systems, from integrated console systems to stand-alone solutions.  Tresco's design team is highly skilled in visual information distribution, providing your operators with clear screen display systems by considering priority of information and operator sightlines.


By choosing Tresco’s flooring solutions, you take your project to the next level in efficiency.  Integrated flooring allows us to house and distribute the power and data cables directly into your console.  Tresco examines all of your flooring needs, considering acoustics, lighting, power and data when developing your floor system. Whether it’s a high or low-profile system, Tresco has the solution to accommodate your needs.


Every control room has unique electrical requirements. Through strong partnerships with electrical engineering firms, Tresco offers electrical distribution system designs that support your processes and operators. In addition, our in-house design team integrates optimal wiring and cable management solutions throughout your console. Trust Tresco to provide the right solution for you.


Tresco’s personal environments incorporate unique features which provide the best ergonomic support to your operators. Our compact systems fit directly inside your consoles to provide the highest level of comfort and efficiency possible.
Tresco’s personal environment units include:

  • White noise generators - Reducing noise levels around the operator, allowing them to focus
  • Hot and cool air - Providing temperature control to the operator
  • Task light control - Making visually intense tasks easier to accomplish
  • Kick-plate heaters - Providing warmth to your operator in a compact under-foot unit
  • Sit-stand control - Relieving the operator of having to sit throughout the day


Tresco offers a wide variety of millwork solutions for your control room.  Depending on your facility’s needs, Tresco can create anything from small simple designs such as pedestal storage, to large-scale designs such as war-room tables with technology integration.



We provide multiple ergonomic chair options for your control room, including "Freedom" and “Iron Horse” chair solutions for your 24/7 environment.  These innovative chair options complement all Tresco control room designs, focusing on ergonomic comfort and increased efficiency.