Security Operations

Control room designs

Functional, comfortable, and effective solutions

Craftsmanship, ergonomics, and attention to detail go into every control room console. We understand that your team needs to monitor, identify, understand, and process what’s happening quickly. No matter how many people you have in your security operations center, we’ll configure the control room to meet your operators’ needs.

Tresco Series 2400 3-station Control Center

American Security Office

This customer wanted to fit eight monitors per operator, while still having the ability to view their overhead monitors. We put together a layout where they could view both optimally.

Tresco Series 2400 10-screen Workstation

Canadian Security Office

This control room required fitting a high screen count, security logs, mail and other paper accessories. Our team helped supply the storage required for an effective workflow.


Built to last

Control room consoles have resilient modular frame structures built for a lifetime of 24/7 use and can be modified and retrofitted with minimal disruption.

Maximize space

Multifunctional backwalls can be reconfigured as needed and include support for monitor arms to free up work surfaces.

Easy integration

Configurable accessories can be integrated with hundreds of different products to support your network operations center team.

Built in Ergonomics

Tresco’s control room consoles are meticulously designed in compliance with ISO 11064 ergonomic standards, ensuring each console offers optimal operator comfort and efficiency.

Tresco’s built-to-order solutions are designed specifically to support your needs. Some of our clients include:




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