Control rooms designed with you in mind
Tresco considers many factors when designing a control room.  We strive to provide control room design solutions that take the pressure off your project.  Our specialized team provides ergonomic environment solutions, allowing your operator to take action with as little stress as possible.  Tresco aims to maximize comfort and minimize confusion.

Our precision influences every process:

  • Operator Interactions (mechanical and interpersonal)
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Flooring
  • Power & Data


Tresco consoles support effective operator outputs
Consoles are the interface your operators use to control their facilities.  Tresco’s console solutions engage the operator, allowing them to take action and work efficiently.
Tresco facilitates:

  • Seamless operator to operator interactions
  • Ergonomic sightlines to vital information from Large Video Displays, personal monitors, and other operators
  • Streamlined organizational systems that increase work flow on and off the worksurface


Where millwork meets modern
In harmony with our console design, Tresco has a long-standing background in high-quality, custom millwork.  Our cutting edge processes focus on design that supports your operators, providing access to vital information.
Tresco’s design solutions solve all integration and storage needs, including:

  • Work-specific storage designed to conduct a task, effortlessly
  • Safe and secure personal storage
  • Technology integrated directly into all physical surfaces


Tresco helps tune into the sounds you need, and isolate the sounds you don’t
Tresco understands the acoustic needs of your environment and how critical it can be to maximize the sound you want to hear, and minimize the sounds you don’t.  Our design team will craft a personalized acoustic solution that takes into account:

  • Sound dampening materials
  • Personalized alarm systems
  • Audibility for functional teamwork


No matter the activity, Tresco has a light solution to suit your needs
Different activities call for various forms and levels of light.  Trust Tresco to take all of your lighting needs into consideration; from activities operators perform, to safety management strategies that reduce stress, fatigue, and mistakes.
The Tresco lighting difference:

  • 360° analysis of lighting levels, operator activity, and areas of high-priority
  • Exact color selection and implementation
  • Energy efficient bulbs and controls
  • Integrated console lighting


Tresco pays attention to everything you see, and everything you can’t
Having the right floor is an integral part of any control room.  Flooring impacts acoustics, lighting, and cable management systems; choosing the wrong flooring can greatly impact the efficiency and integrity of your control room.  Tresco’s floor systems are designed to work for your space — our team considers all structural obstructions and electrical distribution issues that could arise, before creating a solution that works best for you.


Tresco gives you the power to make your data flow efficiently
Every control room has unique power and data distribution requirements. Power and data flow are integral in bringing the most important data to your operator. Tresco ensures your operator’s machinery is being supplied with the proper cable systems needed to digest and react to important information.


CONTROL ROOM Documentation

The right process starts with precise steps
Developing your solution is our first priority. Once a satisfactory design is in place, Tresco provides you with documentation to start building your control room.
Tresco documentation processes include:

  • Tender Packages
  • Design Specifications
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Construction Documentation